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SOA Consulting Services

Miracle has successfully accomplished more than 50 projects by implementing SOA. With its rich experience in this domain, Miracle has helped several clients to align their business processed along with a robust and efficient SOA based system. Miracle has talented pool of specialists and consultants with extensive domain knowledge and technical expertise in SOA domain.

SOA services portfolio

Miracle’s SOA services portfolio includes end-to-end services to support the successful implementation of the SOA initiatives of the client.

SOA Consulting Services

  • Client’s Business Process Analysis
  • Future Business Goals and Objectives
  • Business and SOA Alignment
  • ROI Analysis
  • Define SOA Roadmap
  • SOA transition planning
  • SOA Architecture, Tools & Technologies
  • SOA Blueprint
  • SOA Governance Plan

SOA Implementation Services

  • Implementation guidelines and principles
  • Post Implementation training
  • Reusable components and services
  • Testing Tools and frameworks
  • Service integration, deployment and testing
  • Integration with existing application
  • Business services design, development and implementation

SOA Value Analysis

  • Performance monitoring
  • SOA portfolio management
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Security management
  • SOA transformation

Advantage Miracle

  • Miracle has Rich experience in SOA implementation across platforms like Microsoft, JAVA and other Open-source technologies.
  • Rich Center of Excellence with SOA domain experts and consultants.
  • SOA centric development methodologies, frameworks and tools used for SOA implementations.
  • Proven SOA implementation approach matching industry standards.
  • Miracle has helped one of its clients to reduce maintenance costs through enhanced visibility and control over SOA units/ service components by implementing a dynamic multilevel document management system.
  • With the development of reusable architecture and components in its SOA implementation, Miracle has enabled its client to reduce the overall time-to-market.

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