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Tracking Mobile

This is a revolutionary solution which helps in executing an efficient News Reporting system for any News Channel or Media Coverage. The News Channel and can also give the same application for the common public to report any such incident in quick manner automatically. This way, they can increase their coverage having different citizen journalist. This could also be associated to an automatic reward system.


  • Reporters are given a GPS based Mobile having 5MP Camera with our Software Installed in It. (We can also install our software in the existing mobile phones if it belongs to the supported mobile phones.)
  • A Login/Password will be given to the News Channel Control Room to access the Media Reporting on the server.
  • If the Reporter Records Video/Image through his mobile phone, It will be instantly uploaded on the server with the exact location details.
  • The Control Room receives an instant notification on the server on a Google Map.
  • The Control Room can view the Uploaded Vide/Images instantly.
  • The Control Room will also get to Know following things instantly.


  • Instant Video upload with complete location based display of a video content.
  • The Control gets to know where exactly the person is standing while recording the video or taking photograph.
  • High Quality Images with 5MP Camera on Mobile Phones.
  • Complete Content Copyright Protection (The recorded video will always have the information where it has been recorded and what time on which mobile phone). So easy payment mechanism for the authentic real reporter.
  • Very User Friendly attractive View (Control Room will be notified on a Google MAP with the location and video received from that location).
  • All the received video /images are organized efficiently for future use.
  • Control Room can extract the reports and views the contents in the following way.
  • Location-wise received contents.
  • Reporter wise Reports.
  • Date-Time Wise Reports.
  • Heading Filtration.
  • Reporters Classification ( Class A Reporters, Class B Reporters etc.)

Target Problems

  • Our solution is primarily solved the following problems/hassles of an News Channel or Print Media Reporting Systems
  • OVI VAN cannot reach timely to various remote locations.
  • OVI VAN is a costly solution to get the instant video updates from a remote location.
  • There is no efficient Intellectual Property Copyright Protection mechanism.
  • The Reporters Records the Video/Images through Cameras Make a CD of the same and Email it to the control Room (News Channel). It delays the process a lot.
  • There is no way to find a real author of the media content. Which creates legal problems in sharing the contents?

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