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Tracking Vehicle

Introducing a system where your vehicle can go anywhere except out of sight. The Vehicle Tracking Solution lets you see exactly where your Vehicle is whenever you need to. Vehicle Tracking Solution is an efficient system for tracking and monitoring of commercial and passenger vehicles.

Fleet Management is a function which allows companies which rely on transportation in their business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation costs.

How does it works?

The tracking device, which consists of a GPS unit and a GPRS module, constantly sends out information about the vehicle's position, speed, distance travelled and duration of each halt. This information can then be accessed from a central location through a website or a mobile phone.


  • Vehicle Security i.e Real time Monitoring by Internet or Mobile Phone.
  • Improve customer service – Tracking vehicles with a GPS fleet management system allows companies to perform better for their customers.
  • Scheduled delivery, control over unauthorized movement and faster contingency arrangement in the event of breakdown.
  • Visibility of Parameters like Over speeding Alert, Idling reports & Stoppage Point report will Ensure reduction of Wear & Tear Cost of vehicle.
  • Optimizes fuel costs with better route planning, cuts down on overtime and increases operational efficiency.
  • Lets you schedule service calls or deliveries based on the vehicle closest to the destination.
  • Allows you to handle larger job loads with ease.
  • Improves flexibility and lets you make on-the-spot decisions on fleet management.
  • User-friendly software, training and support.


  • Temper & Waterproof.
  • Five Days Battery Backup.
  • Live Tracking.
  • Automatic SMS Alert of Location on Mobile.
  • SOS Emergency Alarm: Sends alerts in any emergency situation.
  • Listen & Record the conversation going in your vehicle.
  • Talk to driver Online Two way Communication.
  • GEO-Fence : Sands alerts if move out of the restricted area.
  • In Parked vehicle Movement Alert via SMS.
  • Over speeding Alert via SMS.
  • Remote Vehicle Immobilization via SMS.
  • Door opening Intrusion Message Alert.
  • Lock /Unlock Vehicle Via SMS.
  • Fuel Monitoring.
  • Temperature Monitoring in Moving vehicle.
  • AC Monitoring.
  • Alert on Attempt to remove SIM Card.Car Audio Removal Alert.
  • Up to 15 hrs. local memory in absence of network.
  • Replay and Analysis of Trips i.e Previous one month History Replay.
  • Reports like Detailed Report, Idling Report, and Stoppage Report.
  • Travel Distance Report.
  • Nearest Vehicle Finder.
  • Shortest Path finder.
  • Trip Report.
  • 24-hour customer care.
  • Vehicle Status {Stop/In Motion/Dormant/Speed}.

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